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Over time, Kevin has found a niche preparing homes for market. Long before staging became popular let alone a budding industry, Kevin was actively involved in preparing homes for market. Often homeowners will have an inflated idea as to the value of their home, "we all do"! Often they will hire the Realtor whom buys into this flawed possibly misguided perception. Unfortunately a common occurrence in the real estate industry. Overpricing only serves to rob that homeowner of tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars. Kevin’s niche, besides his strong skills for pricing homes, as evidenced by his track record, has long been preparing homes for sale, aka staging. Often his skills in this regard are what make up the difference between a home’s market value and what the seller thinks their home is worth. By completing a thorough room by room home evaluation and face lift, Kevin has won out often over many other agents because he’s been able to make up the gap between market value and what the seller originally wanted. 

Let’s see what Kevin’s clients have to say….

“The marketing and staging presentation was top notch and he also helped out with our packing/cleaning once the house was under contract! I would recommend him to anyone looking to buy/sell in the Arlington area.” Keith Saunders

“Kevin sold our house in McLean in a matter of days, full price, at a time when the market was depressed. We have since seen him do the same with other homes. Interestingly, we found him by noticing that a home in Arlington we had been looking at for a while suddenly looked better and had a lot more interest (it subsequently sold in a week) and that Kevin had recently become the listing agent. He has an amazing eye for selling homes and is extremely attentive. He is as good as we have ever seen in a listing agent.” Glenn & Joy Tobin

“Kevin, your suggestions to paint the kitchen a more contemporary color, remove the heavy draperies from the windows, add newer hardware to the kitchen cabinets, and open the rooms up by removing unnecessary pieces of furniture were brilliant. My sister and I were so astounded at the transformation. The house now let in so much more light and looked more contemporary and would appeal to a broader and younger market as well. You sold the house in one day, and got our asking price.” -Lynn Travis Hinkel

Kevin will literally do anything to get your house sold for the best price the market will bear. He completely staged my house, bringing in furniture that he had acquired where needed. He has been seen clearing debris from my lawn, hauling furniture, coordinating multiple home improvement outfits, such as painters, lawn services, masons, wood flooring companies, whom he has amazing relationships with and are there for him when he needs them. Debbie Petcove

Kevin gave us a practical and manageable outline of what we needed to do to prepare our home for sale. With adherence to his sage advice and his enthusiastic assistance and follow through, we had a firm contract on our home in less than four weeks. Dallas & Jill Martin

You went above and beyond the call; providing interior design advice for staging, installing outside lighting, even cleaning windows and rescuing me when I inadvertently locked myself out one Saturdaymorning! Your cheerful and enthusiastic support made us feel that we were in a real partnership. Dennis and Marcia Wilson

Kevin was immediately able to identify where we needed improvements in the house and surroundings to make them more appealing. His connections with contractors meant that the work was done with little involvement on our part and at reasonable cost. Kevin worked tirelessly to staged the house beautifully using his own furnishings and regularly visited (the house was vacant) to see that all was in order and that everything remained tidy. Roger and Corazon Pownall

Kevin is a master at his craft and he made the recent sale of our north Arlington home a pain-free, profitable and reasonably fun event! Kevin is meticulous in every detail and he knows exactly how to stage, price, and market a home for the buyers in our area. Kevin’s thirty years of experience combined with a sharp intellect and great intuition allow him to know just what to do to put a house on the market and move it quickly. Selling our home in one day was great but getting well over asking was amazing! Thank you, Kevin! Dan & Amy Juengst


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